Lecture 1: Course Ground Rules; Introduction to Microcontrollers (PDF)

Week 1: Notes on Microcontrollers

Week 1: Figures for PIC Microcontroller Architectural Features

PIC18F452 Microcontroller Overview

PIC16F84A Microcontroller Detailed Data Sheet

PIC18F452 Microcontroller Detailed Data Sheet

PIC MPASM Users Guide

PIC MPLAB Quick Start Guide

Week 2: Notes on Microprocessor CPU Modules (OLD)

Week 3: Notes on Microprocessor Memory Modules

Week 4: Notes on Microprocessor I/O Modules

How a DC Motor Works

DC Motor Control Circuit

Diagram of an H-Bridge for DC Motor Direction Control

How a DC Stepper Motor Works

How a DC Servo Motor Works

Diagrams of Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital Converter

Week 9: Introduction to Robotics (PDF file)

Art of LEGO Design Document -- how to construct with LEGO (PDF file)

RCX Internals

RCX Opcode/Bytecode Reference

LEGO Mindstorms SDK-2 (download site)

BricxCC Command Center (IDE for NQC) Download site

BricxCC Installation Program

NQC Guide (by David Baum)

Introduction to NQC (Powerpoint Presentation in pdf format)

Introduction to NQC, continued (Powerpoint Presentation in pdf format)

First BioBot Lecture (Powerpoint Presentation in pdf format)

Second BioBot Lecture (Powerpoint Presentation in pdf format)

Notes on Deliberative Behavior Control and Pathfinding Algorithms (Bug and Wavefront Algorithms)

Getting pbForth (download Tcl 8.3.4 for Windows and pbForth GUI, install in same place)

Common FORTH Words and Constructs

RCX pbFORTH Word List

Forth: An Underview (Peter Knaggs)

The Book "Real Time Forth" by Peter Hendtlass -- see especially chapters 1-5 (download of pdf file)

Hitachi H8/800 Programming Manual - Assembly/Machine Language (PDF file)

The Case Western Reserve "Autonomous Robotics" Course Egg Hunt Competition

Notes on making and using new RCX sensors

Robotag -- a game for two robots (illustrates how to implement "behaviors" in NQC

leJOS README -- how to install, upload firmware, use, etc.