A game for two robots with a front bumper (touch sensor) & a light sensor

Robots drive around an arena delineated by a thick black line


Robot normally moves forward (cruises)                     ==> cruise behavior

If a robot bumps into another (touch sensor activated)     ==> tag behavior 
  send out an "I tagged you" message via its IR port
  stop and wait for a response from tagged robot
  if response is received
    add one to its score
    play a sound
  if not 
    play another sound
  back up and turn to move away from tagged robot

If robot drives off field (light sensor detects "dark")     ==> avoid behavior
  back up and move away from dark line

If robot is tagged (message received from its IR port)      ==> tagged behavior
  send acknowledge response message to tagging robot via its IR port
  play a sad sound  
  stop moving for a while