CS-424, Microchip PIC Microcontroller Architectural Features

1. Simple PIC Architecture

2. More Complex Version of PIC Architectures

2A. Overview of PIC18F452 Features

3. PIC18F452 Architecture (Textbook version, Fig. 1-6)

3A. PIC 18F452 Architecture (Block Diagram from Data Sheet, Fig. 1-2)

4. Power/Clocking for PIC Microcontrollers

5. PIC18F452 Memories: Harvard Architecture (Textbook Fig. 2-1)

6. PIC18F452 Data Memory (Textbook Fig. 2-6)

6A. PIC18F452 Data Memory, Banked Addressing (Data Sheet Fig. 4-7

6B. PIC18F452 Special Function Registers (Data Sheet Table 4-1)

6C. PIC18F452 Instruction/Clock Cycles (Data Sheet Fig. 4-4)

6D. PIC18F452 Instruction Pipelining (Data Sheet Example 4-2)