CS-220 Programs

First CS-220 Assembly Language Program: pgm1.asm

Batch File for Building MASM Programs from Visual Studio .NET

Simple Assembly Language Source Program (adds 2 numbers): addsimpl.asm

Assembled Listing Simple Adding Program: addsimpl.lst

Sample DEBUG Session with the addsimpl.exe Executable

ADDSUB.ASM: An example of using a procedure

SIMPSEG.ASM: An example of using simplified segment directives

HEXADD.ASM: An Example of converting between ASCII and Hex

COMPGM.ASM: An example of a .COM file assembly language program

AVGPROC.ASM: A Sample program that has a procedure to average lists of positive integers; address of list & address of result passed as parameters

PRINT.ASM: A program that prints a line by accessing the printer's LPT1 ports directly

BEEPSEC.ASM: One Second Beeper--An example of a TSR ISR, intercepts INT 8

DISKWR13.ASM: Using int 13h to write data to a floppy disk sector

DISKRW13.ASM: Using int 13h to read a sector, int 21h file services to write the data to a file

DSKRDBIO.ASM: An example of using BIOS int 25h to read a disk sector

DSKWRBIO.ASM: An example of using BIOS int 26h to write a disk sector

DSKRDDOS.ASM: An example of using DOS disk i/o services (int 21h) to read a file

DISPSTR.ASM: An example defining and using nested macros

WHILEMAC.ASM: An example defining and using WHILE and WEND macros that emulate a while loop

FORMACRO.ASM: Defining and using a macro that emulates a for loop

AVGMODS (AVGMAIN.ASM, AVGPROC.ASM, AVGDATA.ASM): A three-module assembly language program.

ADDX: A 2-module assembly language program that adds 2 numbers--Illustrates passing parameters on the stack

ADDCPTR: A Microsoft Visual Studio .NET C-Language program that calls a sum() procedure defined in the Microsoft MASM Assembly Language program module ADDAPTR.ASM

ADDAPTR: The MASM Assembly Language program module containing the sum() procedure that is called by the main() function defined in ADDCPTR.C