;** disp_str.asm  -- example of defining and using nested macros
;** You should assemble this and look at how the macros get expanded

;* inner macro--displays the character char on the screen
putchar    macro     char
           mov       ah,2      ;DOS single char output service
           mov       dl,char
           int       21h

;* outer macro--displays string of length lng, at offset str
disp_str   macro     str,lng
           local     top
           mov       si,0       ;point to start of string
           mov       cx,lng     ;counter
top:       putchar   str[si]    ;display the character
           inc       si         ;point to next one
           loop      top        ;do it again

stk        segment   stack
           dw        16 dup(?)
stk        ends

data       segment
msg        db        'Hello',0dh,0ah
msg1       db        15 dup('*')
data       ends

code       segment
           assume     cs:code,ds:data
main       proc       far
           mov        ax,data
           mov        ds,ax
           disp_str   msg,7     ;display first string
           mov        bx,length msg1
           disp_Str   msg1,bx
           mov        ax,4c00h  ;return to DOS
           int        21h
main       endp
code       ends
           end        main