;  This program outputs a message to the screen. *
;                   Your Name                    *
;              CS 220 Your Section               *

stk     segment stack                ; set up a stack
        dw      64 dup(?)
stk     ends

data    segment
msg     db      'Welcome to CS-220$' ; define the msg
data    ends

code    segment
        assume  ds:data
main    proc    far                  ; Bookkeeping...
        push    ds                   ; instructions--
        sub     ax,ax                ; Necessary...
        push    ax                   ; under DOS
        mov     ax,data
        mov     ds,ax
        lea     dx,msg               ; Output...
        mov     ah,9                 ; the msg
        int     21h                        
        ret                          ; Return to DOS
main    endp         
code    ends
        end     main