Title     Simple Adder
          page        60,132

; A program to add two numbers stored in memory *

stk       segment     stack
          dw          16 dup (?) ;memory for stack
stk       ends

data      segment
num1      db          4          ;define variables
num2      db          7
result    db          ?          ;reserve memory for result
data      ends

code      segment
          assume      cs:code,ds:data
main      proc        far
          push        ds         ;DOS bookkeeping
          sub         ax,ax
          push        ax
          mov         ax,data
          mov         ds,ax
;Program really starts here!!!
          mov         al,num1    ;get first number
          add         al,num2    ;add second number
          mov         result,al  ;store result
          ret                    ;return to DOS
main      endp
code      ends
          end         main