;/*** addaptr.asm module -- called by main() in addcptr.c ***/
; This subroutine links to Visual C++ .NET 
; in protected mode. It adds two parameters pushed
; on the stack and stores the result in the address
; of the third parameter, also pushed on the stack
; by the calling program.

;Assemble with MASM 6.11:

;ml /c addaptr.asm
;Then add the .obj file to the.NET project

; Or alternatively, from .NET add a custom build step:
;  Right click on asm file, then properties --
; Command Line:
;    ml -c -Zi "-Fl$(IntDir)\$(InputName).lst" "-Fo$(IntDir)\$(InputName).obj" "$(InputPath)"
; Outputs:
;  $(IntDir)\$(InputName).obj

.model flat
public _sum
_sum  proc near       
    push   ebp
    mov    ebp,esp
    mov    eax,[ebp+8]    ; first argument
    add    eax,[ebp+12]    ; second argument
    mov    ebx,[ebp+16]     ; third argument
    mov    [ebx],eax
    pop    ebp
_sum endp