Xiaohan Zhang

I am a PhD student in the Autonomous Intelligent Robotics (AIR) research group at the State University of New York at Binghamton, supervised by Shiqi Zhang. I am also a student researcher at Google Brain.

My goal is to develop algorithms that solve complex and long-horizon tasks for autonomous robots. My research uses techniques from planning (e.g., probabilistic planning, task and motion planning) and learning (e.g., classical machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning).

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Jan 2022: Two papers accepted to ICRA 2022.

Sep 2021: Talk at SUNY Binghamton CS department seminar on Online Attribute Learning and Visually Grounded Planning for Robots. Slides are available.

Jul 2021: Spotlight talk at RSS 2021 (virtual). Video is available.

Jun 2021: GHAL360 accepted to IROS 2021.

May 2021: ITRS accepted to RSS 2021.

Dec 2020: RPE presentation on Learning for Interactive Multimodal Perception in Robotics. Video and slides are available.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Learning to Ground Objects for Robot Task and Motion Planning

Yan Ding, Xiaohan Zhang, Xingyue Zhan, and Shiqi Zhang

RA-L, 2022

Conference Papers

Visually Grounded Task and Motion Planning for Mobile Manipulation

Xiaohan Zhang, Yifeng Zhu, Yan Ding, Yuke Zhu, Peter Stone, and Shiqi Zhang

ICRA, 2022

Learning to Guide Human Attention on Mobile Telepresence Robots with 360 Vision

Kishan Chandan, Jack Albertson, Xiaohan Zhang, Xiaoyang Zhang, Yao Liu, and Shiqi Zhang

IROS, 2021

Planning Multimodal Exploratory Actions for Online Robot Attribute Learning

Xiaohan Zhang, Jivko Sinapov, and Shiqi Zhang

RSS, 2021

Task-Motion Planning for Safe and Efficient Urban Driving

Yan Ding, Xiaohan Zhang, Xingyue Zhan, and Shiqi Zhang

IROS, 2020