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About us

Welcome to the website of Architecture for Security Lab. Our research focus is on computer architecture and hardware design for improving system security. Specific projects include protection of application secrets from compromised system software layers, support for isolated execution, defenses against side channel attacks, transient execution attacks and code reuse attacks. We also investigate efficient information flow tracking and hardware supported malware detection. Please check our publication page for more details. Our work has been supported by multiple grants from the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Research Laboratory and Qatar National Research Fund.


August 2019
LATCH paper accepted to MICRO. Congratulations Daniel and Khaled!

SMT-COP paper accepted to PACT and was nominated for best paper award. Congratulations, Daniel!

June 2019
SafeSpec paper presented at DAC'2019. This is a principled defense against transient execution attacks. In the news

October 2018
Jump-over-ASLR paper was selected for presentation at the Top Picks in Hardware and Embedded Security workshop, held at ICCAD 2018.

August 2018
Atsuko Shimizu joins our research group.

March 2018
BranchScope attack has been presented at ASPLOS'2018. CVE-2018-9056 In the news

January 2018
Jump-over-ASLR paper contributes to the development of Spectre/Meltdown attacks. It is one of a few papers cited by the Google Project Zero report detailing these vulnerabilities. Story

August 2017
Dmitry Evtyushkin defended his PhD dissertation. He is going to join the College of William and Mary as an Assistant Professor. Congratulatons, Dmitry!

October 2016
Jump-over-ASLR attack on the branch predictor has been presented at MICRO'2016.In the news

July 2016
We received a new NSF grant to investigate hardware-supported malware detection.
Our paper on covert channels through RNG hardware was accepted to CCS'16! Congratulations, Dmitry!

June 2016
Jesse Elwell defended his PhD dissertation. He will be joining Vencore Labs. Congratulations, Jesse!
Our paper on bypassing ASLR was accepted to MICRO-49! Congratulations, Dmitry!
Daniel Townley joined our research group. Welcome, Daniel!

April 2016
Caleb Donovick won Provost's Award for Undergraduate Research Excellence. He will be joining the PhD program at Stanford starting Fall 2016. Congratulations, Caleb!

March 2016
Our paper on LLC side-channel attack was accepted to DAC 2016 and was nominated for the best paper award. Congratulations, Mehmet!

December 2015
Jesse Elwell won the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research. Congratulations, Jesse!
An extended version of our paper on covert channels through branch predictors has been accepted to ACM TACO. Congratulations, Dmitry!

November 2015
Our paper on non-inclusive memory permissions has been accepted to ACM TACO. Congratulations, Jesse!

September 2015
Our paper on ensemble learning for MAP was accepted to RAID 2015. Congratulations, Khaled!

July 2015
Mehmet Kayaalp defended his PhD dissertation. He will be joining IBM Research to work on secure embedded systems. Congratulations, Mehmet!

May 2015
Our paper on covert channels through branch predictors appeared in HASP Worskshop held at ISCA-2015.

December 2014
Meltem Ozsoy defended her PhD dissertation. She joined Intel Security and Privacy Lab. Congratulations, Meltem!

November 2014
MAP paper has been accepted to HPCA 2015.