Ping Yang

pyang Associate Professor, Computer Science
Ph.D., Stony Brook University (SUNY)

P-11, Engineering Building
Department of Computer Science
Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science
State University of New York at Binghamton
Binghamton, NY, 13902
Email: pyang[at]binghamton[dot]edu
Office Phone:607-777-5697

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My research interests lie in the areas of Information and Systems Security, Privacy, AI-based Security, Trustworthy AI, Virtual Machine Security, Blockchain, and Access Control. I am the director of the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity and the Computer Science coordinator of Advanced Certificate in Cybersecurity Program.

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Prospective Students:

If you are interested in working in our goup, please email me your resume and a copy of your graduate/undergraduate transcript.

Contact: pyang [at] binghamton [dot] edu