Current Projects

1. Building a Secure Embedded Cloud Infrastructure for IoT Applications
The objective of this project is to leverage security guarantees provided by the formally verified seL4 to build a secure embedded cloud infrastructure, providing services to security-critical embedded IoT applications.
  • seL4 Summit 2019     slides

  • 2. Salvaging Commodity Operating Systems to Support Emerging Networking Technologies
    This NSF-funded project seeks to conduct a holistic study of in-kernel packet processing in commodity operating systems to identify critical bottlenecks, propose new solutions to address such bottlenecks, and finally validate the proposed solutions using real prototype implementations.
  • HotCloud'19     slides

  • 3. Enabling Highly Efficient, Reliable Storage Systems in Cloud AI Infrastructure
    This continuing effort -- involving building fair, reliable and efficient cloud storage systems -- currently focuses on thoroughly understanding the main bottlenecks of overlay storage systems in containerized cloud infrastructure, and its applicability to artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure.
  • Rethinking Cloud Storage System Software under Multi-Tenancy     slides