The following intrepid and talented students have graduated from the programming language group:


  • Philip Dexter, Ph.D., May 2019. Dissertation: Lazy High-Performance Big Data Processing. First Employer: SUNY Binghamton (postdoc).
  • Anthony Canino, Ph.D., March 2019. Dissertation: Language Support for Adaptive Energy-Aware Applications. First Employer: UPenn (postdoc).
  • Thomas Bartenstein, Ph.D., November 2017. Dissertation: Rate Types for Stream Programs. First Employer: SUNY Binghamton (lecturer).
  • Haris Ribic, Ph.D., March 2016. Dissertation: Energy-Efficient Runtime Systems. First Employer: Cadence Design Systems
  • Haitao Steve Zhu, Ph.D., August 2014. Dissertation: Programming Models for Energy-Aware Systems. First Employer: Google, Inc.


  • Xiaozhou Liang, M.S., May 2020
  • Brian Grant, M.S. student (Summer/Fall 2019)
  • Rachit Saxena, M.S., May 2019
  • Timur Babakol, M.S., December 2017. Thesis: Thread-based Energy Characterization in Managed Runtimes. First Employer: Ascend Analytics
  • Matt Hems, M.S., 2016
  • Michael Cohen, M.S., May 2012
  • Senem-Ezgi Emgin, M.S., May 2011
  • Aditya Kulkarni, M.S., May 2010


  • Rutvik M Saptarshi, B.S. student (2019-2020)
  • Will Kennedy, B.S. student (Fall 2019)
  • David Fletcher, B.S. student (Summer/Fall 2019)
  • Jeffrey Eymer, B.S., 2019
  • Kaiyik Nip (REU), B.S., 2017
  • Semaan Doug Wehbe (REU), B.S., 2017
  • Jacob Strohm (REU), B.S., December 2014. First Employer: Google, Inc.
  • Chaoren Lin (REU), B.S., May 2014. First Employer: Google, Inc.


  • Gustavo Pinto, Ph.D., February 2015 (2013-2014 academic year visitor of our group). First Employer: Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Para, Brazil.