Doubtful statement Doubt unit Truth Source
1 There are 270 calories in a Big Mac 270 540 TREC-8
2 800 people died when the Estonia sank in 1994 800 852 TREC-8
3 Belize located in mexico mexico Central America TREC-9
4 Montana become a state in 1860 1860 1889 TREC-9
5 Les paul invented the electric guitar Les paul Adolph Rickenbacker TREC-9
6 The biggest producer of tungsten is Russia Russia China TREC-8
7 London's Docklands Light Railway was constructed in 1970 1970 1987 TREC-8
8 Tom hanks is lead actress in the movie Sleepless in Seattle Tom hanks Meg Ryan TREC-8
9 The brightest star visible in the night from Earth is vega vega Sirius TREC-8
10 Mount kenya is the highest mountain in Africa kenya Kilimanjaro TREC-8
11 Richard is first private citizen to fly in space richard Christa McAuliffe TREC-8
12 Mississippi river is the longest river in the United States Mississippi Mississippi TREC-8
13 John Bennett Herrington is the first American in space John Bennett Herrington Alan Shepard TREC-8
14 Nixon visited China in 1960 1960 1972 TREC-8
15 Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 Obama Aung San Suu Kyi TREC-8
16 Microsoft's corporate headquarters locates in seattle seattle Redmond TREC-8
17 200 people died in the China Airlines' crash in Nagoya Japan 200 264 TREC-8
18 Melisa released the Internet worm in the late 1980s Melisa Robert Morris TREC-8
19 The largest city of California is san francisco san francisco los angeles TREC-8
20 Apollo is the first spacecraft on the moon Apollo Apollo TREC-9
21 English is the primary language of the Philippines english Filipino TREC-9
22 The biggest city of Italy is Florence Florence Rome TREC-8
23 Neptune is farthest planet from the sun Neptune Neptune TREC-9
24 The life expectancy of an elephant is 30 years 30 70 TREC-9
25 Nickname of Pennsylvania is Garden state Garden state Keystone State TREC-9
26 Redwood is California's state tree Redwood Redwood TREC-9
27 The bridge over the river Kwai is in Thailand Thailand Thailand TREC-9
28 Olmstead is the architect of Central Park Olmstead Olmstead TREC-9
29 An expectant mother should get 400 mcg folic acid daily 400 400 TREC-9
30 Frances Folsom is President Grover Cleveland's wife Frances Folsom Frances Folsom TREC-8
31 Valley Quail is California's state bird Valley Quail Valley Quail TREC-9
32 Berlin is the largest city in Germany Berlin Berlin TREC-8
33 Lou Gehrig play 2130 consecutive baseball games 2130 2130 TREC-8
34 Michael Phelps is the fastest swimmer in the world Michael Phelps Michael Phelps TREC-9
35 12 astronauts have been on the moon 12 12 TREC-9
36 Poseidon is the Greek God of the Sea Poseidon Poseidon TREC-9
37 China's first nuclear test in 1964 1964 1964 TREC-8
38 Alamo is the famous battle in 1836 between Texas and Mexico alamo alamo TREC-9
39 Ancient King Khufu is buried in the great pyramid of Giza Giza Giza TREC-8
40 Birds are descendents of dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs TREC-9
41 20 hexagons are on a soccer ball 20 20 TREC-9
42 The Valley of the Kings is egypt egypt egypt TREC-9
43 Aleksei Leonov is the first Russian astronaut to do a spacewalk Aleksei Leonov Aleksei Leonov TREC-9
44 Joe DiMaggio compile his 56-game hitting streak in 1941 1941 1941 TREC-8
45 The first U.S. president Nixon ever to resign Nixon Nixon TREC-9
46 Alice Cooper's real name is Vincent Furnier Vincent Furnier Vincent Furnier TREC-9
47 There are 7 continents 7 7 TREC-9
48 James Naismith invented basketball James Naismith James Naismith TREC-9
49 Flush toilet was invented in 1775 1775 1596 TREC-9
50 Amazon is the longest river in the world amazon nile TREC-9
barack obama is a muslim muslim
hillary clinton is the u.s. president u.s. president