CS-220 Spring 2017 Labs

Links have been removed... see your instructor for access.

All labs will be held in the Engineering Building, G-7. You will need your LDAP userid and password for the labs.

We prefer it if you use the desktop machines in G-7 to do the labs so that we are all working on the same base, but you may use your own laptop as long as you can run a version of UNIX, and you are responsible for any differences between your installation and the LDAP system UNIX available on the machines in G-7.

Date Topic/Contents Solutions
Jan 17 Lab Cancelled
Jan 24 Lab 1 - Hello World
Jan 31 Lab 2 - Loops and Bugs lab02_sol
Feb 07 Lab 3 - Matriceslab03_sol
Feb 14 Lab 4 - Pointers lab04_sol
Feb 21 Lab 5 - Binary Search Trees lab05_sol
Feb 28 Lab 6 - Rock/Paper/Scissors Tournament Results
Mar 20 Lab 7 - Intro to X86
Mar 28Lab 8 - Defusing Bombs
Apr 04 Lab 9 - Advanced GDB
Apr 25 Lab 10 - Buffer Overflow Attack
May 2 Lab 11 - Mixing C and X86