CS-220 Spring 2015 Lecture Notes

Note: Links have been removed, and are available from the instructor.
Week Starting Lecture Notes
Jan 26 L01 Intro ppt pdf
L02 Integer Computer Arithmetic pdf
C01 Development Environment pdf
Feb 02 L03 Floating Point Arithmetic ppt pdf
C02 C Basics pdf
Feb 09 L04 Operators ppt pdf
L05 Compilation ppt pdf
C03 - Arrays and Pointers pdf
Feb 16 L06 X86 Assembler ppt pdf
C04 Function Invocation and Debugging ppt pdf
Feb 23 L06 A X86 Control ppt pdf
C05 Structures ppt pdf
C06 Debugging X86 ppt pdf
Mar 02 L06 B X86 Calling Conventions ppt pdf
L07 Object Code ppt pdf
L08 Understanding SWAP ppt pdf
C08 C Style ppt pdf
Mar 09 C07 Unions, Enums, and Typedefs ppt pdf
Mar 16 Test 1 Review ppt pdf
Test 1 Answers
Mar 23 L09 Thanks for the Memory ppt pdf
L10 Loading Programs ppt pdf
C10 Heap Memory ppt pdf
C11 Object Oriented C ppt pdf
Mar 30 L11 Heap Management ppt pdf
Apr 06 Spring Break
Apr 13 L12 Buffer Overflow Attacks ppt pdf
L13 Sharing Resources ppt pdf
C12 Input and Output ppt pdf
Apr 20 L14 Asynchronicity ppt pdf
Test 2 Answers
Apr 27 L15 Virtual Memory ppt pdf
L16 Memory Hardware ppt pdf
May 04 Reading Week ?