CS-211 Fall 2017 Lecture Notes

Lecture links have been removed. Please contact the instructor if you need these.

Week Starting Lecture Notes
Aug 21 L01 Intro
Aug 28L02 Development Environment
L03 Functions
Sep 04 L04 Syntax
Sep 11 L05 Expressions and Assignments
L06 Logical and Bitwise Expressions
Sep 18 L07 Control Flow
L08 Data Conversion
Oct 08 L09 Debugging
L10 Arrays
Oct 15 L11 Functions Revisited
Oct 22 L12 Structures
L13 Pointers
Oct 29 L14 make
L15 Code Organization
Nov 06 L16 Dynamic Memory
L17 Data Structures
Nov 13 L18 File IO
L19 Variable Scope +
Nov 20 L20 Preprocessing
Dec 04Test 2 Review