CS-211 Fall 2017 Homework

Homework links have been removed. Please contact the instructor if you need these.

Homework will not be turned in or graded for this class. The homework problems will be posted approximately a week before the homework is reviewed in class. On the review date, the answers will be discussed in class and posted on the web. Working on the homework problems before the answers are presented in class will appreciably increase the amount you learn from this class, and as a result, will significantly improve your grade!

Review Date Questions Answers
Sep 06 HW1 HW1 solution
Sep 13 HW2 HW2 solution
Sep 20 HW3 HW3 solutions
Sep 27 Practice Test 1 Answers
Oct 04 No homework - test1 Test 1 Version A answers
Test 1 Version B answers
Oct 11 No homework - lack of new material
Oct 18 HW4 HW4 solutions
Oct 25 HW5 HW5 solutions
Nov 01 HW6 HW6 solutions
Nov 27 Practice Test 2 Answers