CS-211 Fall 2015 Lecture Notes

Access to these leture notes removed. See Prof. Bartenstein for access.

Week Starting Lecture Notes
Aug 29 L01 Intro
L02 - Development Environment
Sep 04 L03 Functions
Sep 12 L04 Syntax
Sep 19 L05 Assignement and Expressions
L06 - Logical and Bitwise Expressions
Sep 26 L07 Data Conversion
Oct 03Review for Test1
Oct 10Test1
Oct 17Test 1 Answers
Control Flow
Oct 24L09 Debugging
L10 Functions II
Oct 31 L11 Arrays
Nov 07 L12 Structures
Nov 14 L13 Pointers
Nov 21 Test 2 Answers
L14 I/O
Dec05 L15 Variable Scope ++