CS-211 Fall 2015 Lecture Notes

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Week Starting Lecture Notes
Aug 31 L01 Intro
L02 - C Files
L03 - Development Environment
Sep 07 L04 Functions
L05 Syntax
Sep 14 L06 Lab 1,2 Review
L07 Variables and Types
Sep 21 L08 Assignments
L09 Logic & Bitwise Expressions
Sep 28 L10 Data Conversion
L11 Includes and Streams
L12 If Then Else
Oct 06 L12A Quiz Review
L13 Loops
L13A Increment Revisited
Oct 13 L14 Debugging
Test 1 Answers
L16 Functions Revisited
Oct 19 L17 Arrays
L18 Strings
L19 Pointers
Oct 26 L20 Pointers vs Arrays
L21 Structures
L22 Data Structures
Nov 02 L23 Dynamic Memory
L24 Enumerations
L25 Unions and Typedefs
Nov 09 L26 Variable Scope
Nov 16 L27 Pointers to Pointers
Test 2 Answers
L28 Writing Functions
L29 Makefiles
Nov 30 L30 Software Life Cycle
L31 Design
L32 Object Orientation
Dec 06 L33 Review Schedule