CS-140 Fall 2017 Lab Test 1

Today, we are doing a lab test. Today's work will be evaluated by the Professor, and you will get feedback telling you your grade out of 30 points. The grade in myCourses center for the lab test will not count toward your final grade, but it will be included in your Test 01 grade, which will count towards your final grade.

Ground Rules

In lab tests, the rules are slightly different than normal labs, as follows:

To Do

Download file labT1.zip into your cs140 directory on the Linux Lab machine. Then run the command: unzip labT1.zip. This will create a labT1 sub-directory. Run cd labT1 to move to that directory. This directory is set up like we have been discussing, including .java files in the current directory, and .class files in a labT1 sub-directory of the current directory. In order to get instructions for your lab test, you must then run java -cp . labT1.Problem. The Problem class file is contained in ./labT1/Problem.class, but I have not included the Problem.java file in the current directory. The Problem class main method is set up to check to make sure it is during your lab period, and check to make sure you are running on a Linux Lab machine. If so, it will print instructions for the problem to work on. Notice that different students will get different problems, so you will not be working on the same problem as the student next to you, or the student in the next lab section. All problems are of equal difficulty.

Code your Class

The instructions will ask you to create a new java class, and will describe the methods and fields required to make that class work. To make things easy, I've asked that you include a main method in this class so you can test your class and make sure it works.

Creating a zip file for submission

Change directories to the parent of the labPT directory that contains all of your source code. Then create a zip file with your source code, using the following command:

  > zip -r labT1_<userid>.zip labT1
where <userid> is your bmail user id. This will create a file called labT1_<userid>.zip that contains all of your source files. Please double check and make sure you .java files are in the zipped submission file! Now, go to MyCourses using your web browser, open the CS-140-B1 course, click on "Content"; then "Lab assignments" and then "Lab 05 Lab Test Submission" and upload your zip file.


This lab test is worth 30 points. You will get the full 30 points if your code compiles without warnings, and produces the correct output. The following are reasons for deductions: