CS-211 Fall 2015 Lab 12 Lab Review


We have had a dozen labs this semester, each geared towards giving you some experience with the C language and writing C code. All of those labs are available on the class web page, along with answers to the lab reports that were due for each lab, and examples of my solutions to the coding questions.

This lab session gives you an opportunity to look back on all twelve labs - think about your solution, read through correct answers, see completed solutions to the coding questions that were asked, and to ask your lab instructor questions about these labs.

Go through the labs, look at the answers and the code, make sure you understand both what the lab was asking you to do, and how to solve the problems and questions in the lab.

Lab Report

Download and edit the following file: lab12_report.txt. This file contains a small survey about the CS-211 labs. There are no correct or incorrect answers to these labs... as long as you submit a file on blackboard, no matter what is in that file, you will get full credit for the lab. Your responses will be used to help me evaluate which of these labs is useful, where there are problems in the labs that need to be fixed, and allows you to suggest alternatives that would make the lab sessions more effective. I will use the results of this survey to improve the course in the future.