CS-211 Fall 2015 Homework

Homework will not be turned in or graded for this class. The homework problems will be posted approximately a week before the homework is "due". On the due date, the answers will be reviewed in class and posted on the web unless informed otherwise (i.e. nobody does the homework and all the test grades are bad.) Working on the homework problems before the answers are presented in class will appreciably increase the amount you learn from this class, and as a result, will significantly improve your grade!

Due Date Questions Answers
Sep 07 Week 1 Answers
Sep 14 Week 2 Answers
Sep 27 Week 3/4 Answers
Oct 04 Week 5 Answers
Nov 02 C Control (HW5) Answers
Nov 06 C Arrays (HW6) Answers
--- Final Exam Practce (HW7) Answers