CIS 493, EEC 492, EEC 592
Autonomous Intelligent Robotics -- Spring 2017

Final projects

Important dates

  • Proposal draft (1-2 page) due: Feb 20.
  • Written proposal (2-3 pages, 10% of the total grade) due: March 9.
  • Final presentation: each team has 12 minutes for presentaiton and 3 minutes for Q&A. Please consider to include videos into the presentation (similar to the ones in assignment submissions). May 4 (Thursday).
  • Final project report (6-8 pages, 30% of the total grade) due: the end of May 9 (Tuesday). You are encouraged to use LaTex to generate your final report (a template is attached here), but it is NOT mandatory.

Team reports

  1. Team: Utkarsh Patel , Emre Hatay , Ghazal Zand
  2. Final report: Autonomous Navigation and Visual Analysis with Beam Robot

  3. Team: Sujay Bajracharya, Alex Rhodes
  4. Final report: Dixon: TurtleBot Voice Commands

  5. Team: Lakiel Wade, Christian Loucka, Emmanuel Manu
  6. Final report: Autonomous Soda Searcher

  7. Team: Justin Meinecke, Zhenlu Song
  8. Final report: Demonstrating Color Detection and Obstacle Avoidance with Simon