CS485/CS486 Course Syllabus

Instructor : Dick Steflik --biography
Phone: 777-3507
Web Site:http://www.cs.binghamton.edu/~steflik
Electronic Study Group:click here
Sect 01 - Room SL 302 - Mon/Wed/Fri 6:330 - 9:30 PM
Lab - none scheduled


These courses make up a two semester Project Course for the Turkish Info Systems Program.

During the Fall Semester (CS485) projects will be assigned/chosen and project teams formed. During CS485 the teams are supposed to arrive at a solution and designdesign for their projectt. The work product is a functional level specfication of their project. To measure the student's progress the instruction will hold a monthly ststus review with each team.
During the Spring Semester (CS486) the projects will continue on to the implementation phase. Each month status reviews will be held with each team. Projects are to be complete and demonstratable by May 1st. Each team will present their project to the class during the week following May 1st. Each team will also turn in a project writeup for garding.

This course will be graded ABCDF.

Project execution 60 %
Presentation 10 %
Status Reviews (3) 30 % (10% each)
100 %

Course Policies :

  1. Steflik's Office Hours : Wed. 1:00-3:00 PM; Room EGB Q12
  2. If, as we go through the semester, anything that is going to affect your performance in the class I need to know about so that we may make arrangements so that you can successfully complete the course. If, for example, you get dumped by your boy/girl friend, don't just get depressed and stop coming to class; contact me and we'll make arrangements.
  3. All work handed in for grading is to be your best individual work; it is OK to use study groups and classmates as resources. However, since you, as an individual, will be receiving the grade, the work used to evaluate your progress must be done by you alone. Code that is too similar to be a coincidence will be considered in violation of the school's academic honesty policy (plagerism) and will be dealt with severely.