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CS-431 Course Syllabus

Instructor : Dick Steflik
TA: Ozgur Killic
Phone: 777-3507
Web Site:
Electronic Study Group:click here
Lecture - Room S2 337 - Mon & Wed 4:30 - 6:00 PM (sometimes we get done earlier and somtimes later)
Lab - none scheduled
Required - Network Security Essentials (5th Edition, ISBN 0-13-035128-8) by William Stallings
Assigned Internet Reading Assignments - Daily Newsletter (subscription)

Core Java; Addison-Wesley
The Java Application Programming Interface; Gosling, Yellin & Java Team; Addison Wesley

Upon completion of this course the student shall be able to demonstrate the design and development of software for the analysis and evaluation of network security using the Java and C languages, an understanding of the principles involved with network perimeter defenses, the role of cryptography and network security and the principles of designing a secure network site.

Historic background of network security; legal, social and ethical implications associated with network security. Emphasis will be on understanding and identifying hazards and the mitigation of the associated risks. Investigation and analysis of classical attacks. Machine and OS hardening. Additional topics will include: cryptography, perimeter defenses, firewalls, virtual private networks, remote network access and demilitarized zones

This course will be graded ABCDF. To pass this course you must have an average of at least 65 on the two exams, only after this requirement will your grade be computed. To make this simpler; no matter how well you do on the projects, quizzes and attendance, if you do not have at least a 65 average on the will fail.

Projects (7) 70 % (10% each)
Homework & Quizzes & Attendance 10 %
Exams (2) 20 % (10% each)
100 %

Policies :
1.Steflik's Office Hours : TBA - Room Q12 in Watson School
2.TA Office Hours : TBA
3.If you are going to miss a class or Lab I need to know ahead of time (prior to the class or session) if you are to be entitled to a make-up for and test or Quiz that you miss.
4.If, as we go through the semester, anything that is going to affect your performance in the class I need to know about so that we may make arrangements so that you can successfully complete the course. If, for example, you get dumped by your boy/girl friend, don't just get depressed and stop coming to class; contact me and we'll make arrangements.
5.Projects will be due on the assigned date. Late projects will be graded down one letter grade for each class date late. All projects must be handed in prior to the last class.
6.All work handed in for grading is to be your best individual work; it is OK to use study groups and classmates as resources. However, since you, as an individual, will be receiving the grade, the work used to evaluate your progress must be done by you alone. Copied and/or plagiarized work will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.

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