AcidRain Development Page

What's this? See the FAQ below.


My thesis is nearly done, so I'm working back into my pet projects, including this one, but it looks like Cosmos has the upper hand right now, so expect that one to be the first to be reactivated.

All four binaries work (MacOS is more out-of-date because of their proprietary crap, powerpc-linux will lag a bit because of my lack of accessability). Here's what you can do now:

Binary Downloads:

Warning! These are pre-alpha binaries. They are not playable yet and may do nothing more than destroy your entire computer. Use at your own risk only - I will not be held responsible for what happens if you download and run these!

Linux (i386-linux-elf-glibc2):

Win32 (i386 win95/win98/winnt/winme/winxp and other assorted junk): Linux (powerpc-linux-elf-glibc2): MacOS-X (powerpc-Mach-O, untar to become a Mac ".app" "executable".):

Inline FAQ:

What is AcidRain? It is a dynamic (it will theoretically never end) single-player/multi-player computer RPG based on the table-top RPG "Shadowrun" by FASA Corp. (defunct).

What is the current status of AcidRain? It is currently very pre-alpha. Right now I'm just testing that things actually work on all the target architectures and I'm working on the design and proofs of concept for that design - this is all acidrain is good for so far.

How do I contact you? You can feel free to send me questions and queries by e-mail, though I reserve the right not to respond - I'm a busy guy.

When will it be done? Short answer: when it's done. Long answer: I plan to release it in stages, the first being matrix only, the second will add the "real" world, and the third will add the astral and magic. I hope to have the matrix version playable by January of 2003 and released in a stable version by May of 2003 - but these are only goals, not fixed deadlines. I will not force it out until it is really done.

Will you be releasing the source? I hope so eventually, but not at first. Unfortunately, there are a lot of imature morons out there that would just love to cheat, and realeasing binary-only releases would make that harder for them. If I find a good solution to this problem where I can still release the source code, I will (suggestions welcome).

Will you be posting binaries for other Linux architecures? Yes. As soon as it gets out of the pre-alpha phase, I will enable more linux targets and make those binaries available. This should include at least powerpc and mipsel (including Playstation 2) Liux architectures.

Will you be making a MacOS 9/X version? Yes, all the code is C99 compliant and is designed to be portable to any system that supports SDL and OpenGL for exactly this purpose.

Will you ever be posting MacOS 9/X binaries?: Only the stable version(s) will have a binary posted. This is due to the proprietary and closed nature of MacOS itself. As far as I know, I can not cross compile for it directly with gcc like I can for all the other targets, so it is more of an undertaking. If this were to change, I would put binaries up regularly like I do for windows/linux.