Courses in the SUNY at Binghamton

CS542 Program Design Patterns
CS544 Object Oriented System
CS701 Teaching Assistant of CS548, Multimedia System
CS522 Operating System
CS571 Programming Language
CS533 Information Retrieval
CS534X Web Data Management
ESL720 Advanced English Writing
CS701 Teaching Assistant of CS220, Computer Organization & Assembly Language Programming
CS528 Computer Networking and Data Communication
CS575 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS522 Computer Architectures and Organizations

CS688 Computer Science Seminar
CS701 Teaching Assistant of CS432, Database System
ESL715 Advanced English Listening and Speaking

Projects I took during my under and graduate student period

E-Base Inc. (5/00 - present)    (As an internship employee)

The State University of New York at Binghamton (8/99 - present)    (Course Project)

Tsinghua University (9/96 - 7/99) Xi'an Jiaotong University (9/92 - 7/96)