Lab 8
To be done 3-27-09
Lab report due 4-17-09

Using NQC on the RCX

You are to build a LEGO robot that has two motor-driven wheel drives, two front bumpers, each 
with a touch sensor, and one downward-pointing light sensor. The robot should be able to move 
forward, backward, and turn, as well as sense light-colored and dark-colored areas on the floor 
and respond to bumping into objects on its front-left and front-right sides. The Roverbot described 
in the LEGO RIS Constructopedia would be a good candidate. This robot will be controlled with 
the LEGO RCX brick programmed in the NQC (Not Quite C) language. You are to write an 
NQC line-following and obstacle-avoiding program for your robot. The robot should be able to 
find the oval black track on the cardboard that comes with the Mindstorms kits and follow it. In 
addition if it bumps into an obstacle, it should back up and turn away, then resume following the 
black line. You may use either the command line NQC compiler that is already on the computers 
in the H1 lab or, preferably, the Bricx Command Center (BricxCC) Interactive Development 
Environment to create, compile, and download your NQC programs to the RCX. The BricxCC 
is on the machines in the lab and also available at: http://bricxcc.sourceforge.net/
Robots will compete against each other to see which can run the length of black track fastest.