CS-424/580A Exam 1 Topics
Web Page Notes:
     "Week 1" Introductory Notes (2 sets)
     "Week 3": Notes on Microprocessor Memory Modules --
             Interfacing with external memory*
     "Week 4": Notes on microprocessor I/O Modules
     D/A and A/D Figures (explanation in class)
     H-Bridge Motor Control Figures (explanation in class, including PWM)

PIC Architecture and Instruction Set (Chapters 2, 3)*
QuikFlash Board (Ch. 4)
PIC Program Development, delay loops, etc. (Ch. 5)
Alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Displays (Ch. 7)
PIC Digital I/O (Ch. 11)*
PIC Analog to Digital Conversion (Ch. 10)*
PIC Interrupts and handling (Ch. 9)*
PIC Timers (Ch. 5, 13)*

Laboratory Material
     Use of QuikFlash and QuikProto boards
     Use of MPLAB, QuikBug monitor, and Terminal Emulator software
     Labs 1-5

*Especially important