Preparing and Publishing a Web Page with Netscape Composer

1. Get into Netscape Communicator

2. Get into Netscape Composer and open a blank page:
        "File | New | Blank Page" or
        "Communicator | Composer"
        Note icon on new composer window is a pencil

3. Prepare your web page by:
        typing in text
        using the various toolbar tools
        using the various menu items (especially Insert)

4. Preview your web page at any time (after itís been saved locally)
        Click "Preview" Icon on toolbar
        Will show you what the page will look like in the Netscape browser

5. You can also view the html code in you page at any time
        "View | Page Source" will bring up a Netscape window with the source html

6. You can also edit the html code in your page
        "Edit | Html Source" should start your preferred editor with the html
        (You may need to first set your preferred editor once:
            "Edit | Preferences", Click on "Composer"
            Type in the path to your editor, e.g.,

7. When done with your page, save it:
        "File | Save As"
        In the "Save As" dialog box, navigate to your page folder
            (You should keep all your pages in the same local folder)
            (To make a folder, click on the "Make New Folder Icon" at top right)
        In the "File Name" box, type in the file name you want to give to your page
            (For your home page, this should be "index")
            (For other pages, it could be whatever name you like)
                (If it's a linked page, make sure file name is the same name used when the link was set up) 
            If you didn't give the page a title, you will be prompted to do so now
                (Will be what appears on the caption bar in Netscape)

8. Now you must "publish" your page--upload it to your web server (the hcirisc machine)
        Click on the "Publish" menu item
        Will give a dialog box like the following:

The first time you "publish", you will need to type in the "Location to publish to:"
Type in:
    (here "userid" is your ID on hcirisc (first letter of first name, last name))
Also type in your hcirisc password
If your page uses any other files (e.g., links or images) they will appear in lower box
    Default is for them to be selected (highlighted)
    Means they will also be published (uploaded) to hcirisc
    You will want this the first time you publish a page
Click OK and also OK to subsequent dialog boxes that will appear

9. You now have uploaded your page (and supporting files) to the hcirisc web server;
    But the protections have not been set--no one but you will be able to access the page!
    So use telnet to log on to hcirisc (as in the first exercise you did a couple of weeks ago)
    Change the protection of all files in the /www folder to 644:
        bash $ cd www
        bash $ chmod 644 *
        bash $ exit
    (Here "bash $" is the hcirisc prompt--don't type that!)

10. Modifying an existing web page from Netscape Composer:
        "File | Open Page"
        You will get the following dialog box:

Use "Choose File" to navigate to and highlight the file you want
Make sure the "Composer" radio button is on
Then click "Open"

This will bring the file into Composer so that you can modify it, save it, and publish it.