HARP-330, (Section 4)

Seminar Focus: Developing Binghamton University Undergraduate
Research World Wide Web Pages

Thursdays, 5:00 – 7:00 P.M., AA-G05
Instructor: Richard R. Eckert
EB-N6, 777-4365
Email: reckert@binghamton.edu
Listserv: harp330-l@listserv.binghamton.edu
Home Page: http://www.cs.binghamton.edu/~reckert/

Seminar Description

In this section of the Presidential Scholars Seminar, we will be focusing on World Wide Web Page
design, development, and implementation. There are many tremendously exciting research opportunities
for undergraduates at Binghamton University. In this seminar we want to take a leadership role in
discovering as many of them as possible and disseminating the information to the world. This desire
comes as a result of the initiative taken by a group of professors on the President’s Task Force for
Undergraduate Education in the New Millennium last year. We feel that the best mechanism for both
internal and external dissemination would be the World Wide Web. Some preliminary work has been done,
but now we need to uncover the data, design the pages and put them up on the World Wide Web. What
better group to do this than the Presidential Scholars?

In the seminar everyone will learn how to design and put up Web Pages—in fact, we want every student
to have his or her own web page early on. If you don’t know about computers, the Internet, HTML, and
other Web-related tools, you will be given hands-on instruction. You will work in small groups, with
each group responsible for one or more aspects of undergraduate research at BU. You will have the
opportunity to meet with students and faculty with diverse interests. You will see first-hand the
kinds of research they are doing. You will use your creativity to organize and translate what you
learn into forms suitable for high-impact publication on the Web. You will do much of the actual
design and implementation of these Web pages. You will have the opportunity to present and defend
your design decisions to those who ultimately decide what is actually published. As a result of your
efforts you will dramatically influence how BU presents the wonderful things that are going on here
to the world. You will be making a meaningful contribution to your future and to that of Binghamton
University. I look forward to working with you.