Side Scrolling!

Thanks to a little bit of medical excitement, we'll keep the next assignment in line with the prior one -- but let's tweak things into a side scroller of some sort. Flappy Bird, Jetpack Joyride, Canabalt, there's hundreds of them. You run a long in some direction, jumping over, ducking, or generally avoiding some sort of trouble. There's a motorcycle app called Lane Splitter is this general idea too.

So... Make up something! Have a bit of fun. Android or iOS, your choice. Graphics extreme, or rectangular blocks. SpriteKit, or build it from scratch. Sound or silence. As long as you're hacking some code, and checking things in to Bitbucket, we're in good shape.

With this being the fourth assignment, hopefully you've seen a bit about how things work. Try shifting towards using a bit more of your own code, if you've been leveraging off of tutorials in the past. It's not that hard -- it really isn't! You can do it!