Simple Doodlejump style game

Lets do some animation (and we'll keep it simple and old-school).  There are APIs in iOS that will do a lot of this for you (and will do it nicely); the point is to get a little experience in how things work, and to see "underneath the hood."  Here's a sample project to get you started.

Some things to note.

Your assignment -- make Doodlejump style game. Make sure you check in your code changes as you go along. Evidence that you are behind the terminal, hacking code, and coming up with things to do, is a big part of the grading. In the real Doodle jump game, as you jump towards the top of the screen, the bricks move down. There are some bricks that will disappear after you jump on them once, or after a certain number of jumps. There are obstacles that appear above that might block you from jumping. Some bricks shift left and right, or up and down. You have complete freedom to make the game the way you like; just try to keep the Doodlejump-style feel to the thing. Turning in a Pac-Man clone is not OK. It doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't have to be complex. There's a slider to simulate tilt of the interface. The objective of the assignment is to get you hacking, and messing around with the iPhone so that you see how the magic works....