Date Class Calendar Lecture Notes Reading Dig Deeper
Jan 28, M Introduction: Course Overview and Organization lec1.pdf, 4-lec1.pdf Chapter 1 Clark's Internet Requirements paper
Jan 30, W Introduction: Requirements for Scalable Networks lec2.pdf, 4-lec2.pdf Chapter 1 Tussles in Cyberspace
Feb. 1, F Finish Intro/Physical Layer Lab 1 is out lec3.pdf, 4-lec3.pdf Chapter 1 End to End Argument (required CS528)
Feb. 1, F (second session) Sockets Tutorial tutorial material
Feb. 4, M Shannon's Limit; start Link layer lec4.pdf, 4-lec4.pdf Chapter 2.1
Feb. 6, W Framing and Error Detection lec5.pdf, 4-lec5.pdf 2.2-2.3
Feb. 8, F Reliable Transmission lec6.pdf, 4-lec6.pdf 2.4-2.5 Digital Fountain
Feb. 11, M Link Layer--MAC HW 1 out lec7.pdf, 4-lec7.pdf 2.5
Feb. 13, W MAC and Examples lec8.pdf, 4-lec8.pdf 2.6-2.7 Ethernet paper
Feb. 15, F Switched Networks Lab 1. due 9pm lec9.pdf, 4-lec9.pdf 3.1
Feb. 15, F Paper discussion (528) e2e-darpa-tussles.pdf, 4-e2e-darpa-tussles.pdf
Feb. 18, M Switching approaches; Learning bridges lec10.pdf, 4-lec10.pdf 3.1
Feb. 20, W Learning Bridges/Spanning Tree Algorithm HW1 due lec11.pdf, 4-lec11.pdf 3.1-3.2
Feb. 22, F IP: basics, fragmentation lec12.pdf, 4-lec12.pdf 3.2 Fragmentation harmful
Feb. 22, F (second session) select()/Pthreads Tutorial tutorial material
Feb. 25, M IP: Forwarding, DHCP, ICMP, NAT lec13.pdf, 4-lec13.pdf 3.2
Feb. 27, W Exam 1 Review exam1 review
Mar. 1, F Exam 1 (tentative)
Mar. 4, M Routing lec14.pdf, 4-lec14.pdf 3.3 Broadband Internet Performance: A View From the Gateway
Mar. 6, W Link State Routing/OSPF lec15.pdf, 4-lec15.pdf 3.3
Mar. 8, F Subnetting, CIDR, start BGP lec16.pdf, 4-lec16.pdf BGP instability
Mar. 11, M BGP, Peering and Transit lec17.pdf, 4-lec17.pdf Peering tutorial,Anatomy of a large european IXP
Mar. 13, W Tunneling and applications; start multicast lec18.pdf, 4-lec18.pdf Receiver-driven layered multicast
Mar. 15, F Multicast lec19.pdf, 4-lec19.pdf Application Layer Multicast (required 528)
Mar. 18, M No Class today
Mar. 20, W Finish Multicast, start IPnG lec20.pdf, 4-lec20.pdf
Mar. 22, F IPnG
March 25, M No Class -- Passover/Easter/Spring Break
March 27, W No Class -- Passover/Easter/Spring Break
March 29, F No Class -- Passover/Easter/Spring Break
April 1, M No Class -- Passover/Easter/Spring Break
Apr. 3, W TCP lec21.pdf, 4-lec21.pdf
Apr. 5, F TCP (cont'd) lec22.pdf, 4-lec22.pdf Original Congestion Paper
Apr. 8, M Congestion Management lec23.pdf, 4-lec23.pdf enforcing congestion (required both 428 and 528)
Apr. 10, W Router based congestion management lec24.pdf, 4-lec24.pdf
Apr. 12, F Router Queue Scheduling Algorithms lec25.pdf, 4-lec25.pdf Core stateless Fair Queuing
Apr. 15, M Integrated Services lec26.pdf, 4-lec26.pdf end point admission control
Apr. 17, W Exam 2 Review
Apr. 19, F Exam 2
Apr. 22, M Router Organization Router Organization Slides from Stefan Savage McKeown Router backplane paper
Apr. 24, W IP Lookup lec27.pdf, 4-lec27.pdf IP Lookup paper
Apr. 26, F Naming and DNS lec29.pdf, 4-lec29.pdf
Apr. 29, M Peer 2 Peer Systems lec30.ppt
May 1, W Web/CDNs lec31.pdf
May 3, F Security lec32.pdf,4-lec32.pdf
May 6, M Looking to the Future lec33.pdf Ethane paper
May 8, W Wrap up lec34.pdf
May 10, F TBD (Wrap up?)