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Nael B. Abu-Ghazaleh

- Khaled Khasawneh

- Ketan Bahulkar co-advised with Dmitry Ponomarev

- Meltem Ozsoy co-advised with Dmitry Ponomarev

- Mehmet Kayaalp co-advised with Dmitry Ponomarev

- Jesse Elwell co-advised with Dmitry Ponomarev

- Dmitry Evtyushkin co-advised with Dmitry Ponomarev

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I am an associate professor in the computer science department at Binghamton University. My research and teaching are broadly in computer systems and specifically in computer architecture support for security, wireless and sensor networks, and parallel computing.

My work is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Air Force Research Labs, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Qatar National Research Fund and the US Army.

Teaching, Spring 2014

CS220: Computer Systems II

MWF 9:40--10:40 UU103

Office Hours: M 11:00-12:30, W 12:30-2pm, or by appointment

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Computer Science Dept

Binghamton University

Vestal Pkwy East

Binghamton, NY 13902

Phone: (607) 777 4748