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.arg File

.arg represent the argument files for M-Sim. With simplescalar, since you could only run 1 thread, you could specify everything on the command line (../sim-outorder <options> <thread> <thread options>). This is harder with multiple thread support since you can't easily tell when an option list is terminated (and it would result in excessively long command line statements).


The format is as follows:

  • <default fast forward> # <eio file>
    • For example: 100000000 # ./bzip2.eio

Normal Execution

The format is as follows:

  • <default fast forward> # <executable, ev6 format> <command line options>
  • Redirection is valid as a command line option, it will only affect the given benchmark
    • For example: 45800000000 # ./bzip2/bzip200.peak.ev6 ./bzip2/input.source 58 > ./bzip2/bzip2.1.out
    • bzip200.peak.ev6 is given "./bzip2/input.source 58" as its command line options and stdout is redirected to ./bzip2/bzip2.1.out.
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