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This page details changes since the relase of Version 3.0 of M-sim. Information about the changes is provided in case mistakes were made and to provide greater understanding of the simulator.



A file handler class for both debugging as well as creating accurate and portable checkpoints.


Options.c is updated to handle newly created config files from dumpconfig. Minor code adjustment.
Dram bug with accesses across two banks is fixed, other minor tweaks.
Cache access has been updated to return an unsigned long long, BOUND_POS is no longer needed.
Inflight Queues have been altered to no longer assume compiler eliding, this required const enforcing in the rob.h as well.
Issue Queue has been altered to no longer assume compiler eliding.
Optimizations done in sim-outorder.c.

March 6th 2009

Added -max:cycles support - would be nice to avoid the check each cycle though.
Dram modeling support is now available - the default is the old chunk style method.
Memory bus width is now 4 bytes by default.

February 12th 2009

mem_access_latency (defined in cmp.h) now takes 4 parameters (address, size, when, context_id) compared to just size. This is intended for DRAM access modeling. This affects cmp.c, cmp.h and sim-outorder.c
OSF_SYS_write is removed from machine.h and replaced in syscall.c
Optimization: When checking the LSQ for a store forward, the for loop was not used effectively.

January 24th 2009

Trivial: Removed commented out lines from main.c
Trivial: Re-enabled fclose(outfile) in context desructor in smt.c - fixes ~1K mem leak
Bug 1: Fixed "issued inst not spec ready" for floating point insts (actually affected all, but only mattered in floating point cases)
Bug 2: Commit now looks at the correct list of remaining contexts.

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