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This page details changes since the relase of Version 3.0 of M-sim. Information about the changes is provided in case mistakes were made and to provide greater understanding of the simulator.



A file handler class for both debugging as well as creating accurate and portable checkpoints.

March 6th 2009

Added -max:cycles support - would be nice to avoid the check each cycle though.
Dram modeling support is now available - the default is the old chunk style method.
Memory bus width is now 4 bytes by default.

February 12th 2009

mem_access_latency (defined in cmp.h) now takes 4 parameters (address, size, when, context_id) compared to just size. This is intended for DRAM access modeling. This affects cmp.c, cmp.h and sim-outorder.c
OSF_SYS_write is removed from machine.h and replaced in syscall.c
Optimization: When checking the LSQ for a store forward, the for loop was not used effectively.

January 24th 2009

Trivial: Removed commented out lines from main.c
Trivial: Re-enabled fclose(outfile) in context desructor in smt.c - fixes ~1K mem leak
Bug 1: Fixed "issued inst not spec ready" for floating point insts (actually affected all, but only mattered in floating point cases)
Bug 2: Commit now looks at the correct list of remaining contexts.

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