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M-sim is a cycle-accurate Alpha AXP simulator.


The 3.0 release of M-Sim is a port of M-Sim_v2.0 to C++, with increased usage of the STL for common data structures, greater isolation of processor resources and cleanup that allows clean compiles using O3 optimizations. 64-bit support is now essential to the simulator (running in a 32-bit environment is no longer supported but should still work as long as 64-bit values are not needed). CMP and SMT on CMP support is provided.

Legacy Support

If CMP is not used, the command line execution of M-Sim is identical to the previous release.

  • L3 Cache support is not enabled by default to ensure that scripts used with the previous release are still compatible with this release.

64-Bit Support

64-bit primitive value support is required for successful controllable simulations past 4 billion instructions. 64-bit values allow fast forward counts and simulation instruction counts to be specified over the entire program range for the Spec2K benchmark suite.
64-bit support causes precision differences between our output and the reference output. Be aware of this when using diff to perform output verification.

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