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If obtaining from a class source, you must be on the appropriate machine (for example, swoop or bumblebee). Then, "cp /var/work/cs325/cs325.tgz .". This will copy the package to your current location.
To install, untar the package (tar -xzvf m_sim_v3.0.tgz). This will create the directory m_sim_v3.0 or m_sim_c++ or cs325 (release version, current build, and class version, respectively).


There should be a directory named "spec2K". The release version will not include this, the current build may not include it, the class build will include it. Either way, make sure the "spec2K" has the benchmark files (*.arg, if spec2K existed, it is probably ok, otherwise, download the benchmark package).
Be aware that there are a few benchmarks that do not run to completion, check Spec2K for more information. You probably won't run them long enough for this to be a problem.


"make" will compile the simulator. You may find "make -j8" more to your liking.
Be aware the the simulator is compiled using "-O3", this may make your life more difficult when using a debugger such as gdb.

Legacy Support (m_sim_v2.0)

The prior release of M-Sim does not compile past gcc-3.3. The makefile must be changed accordingly: "CC = gcc" -> "CC = /usr/bin/gcc-3.3"

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