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The set of benchmarks provided is dependent on simulator version. The prior release was provided with 1 reference input for each benchmark.

  • <benchmark>.arg

The current release provides two copies of the benchmarks, for each reference input.

  • <benchmark>NS.<num>.arg: Refers to reference input <num> for benchmark <benchmark>
  • <benchmark>test.<num>.arg: Refers to reference input <num> for benchmark <benchmark> with benchmark output sent directly to the console.


A number of benchmarks don't work with M_Sim_v2.0. I stopped keeping track of them since I didn't think we'd use it again. The errors for M_Sim_v3.0 reflect only a subset of the errors for M_Sim_v2.0. For example, crafty does not work properly in the prior version due to mishandled ioctl calls.

What should I use?

Use the benchmarks "NS" in the name. In general, you won't need to see the output ("test" benchmarks) and simpoints is unnecessary for this level of work.


Simpoints are not provided, they are situationally dependent (they must be used in the same program path with the same environmental variables and state in order to guarantee correctness). Furthermore, Simpoints represent a dump of the program state and can not be run safely over the network. Seriously, we can't trust you not to do so.

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