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When publishing papers using M-Sim, please cite the following technical report

M-Sim Wiki:

The M-Sim Wiki is located here.

M-Sim User's Guide:

M-Sim: A Flexible, Multithreaded Architectural Simulation Environment", Technical Report CS-TR-05-DP01, Department of Computer Science, State University of New York at Binghamton, October 2005.

The M-Sim User's Guide outlines the major changes from the original SimpleScalar 3.0d. For more details on the underlying SimpleScalar base, please refer to the documentation available at http://www.simplescalar.com. A more complete user's guide will be posted when time permits.

M-Sim Mailing List:

You may wish to subscribe to the mailing list to obtain information on updates, new releases, and bug fixes. The mailing list also serves as a forum for Q & A related to the simulator. The archives of recent discussions on the list are also available.


Last modified: January 21, 2009.