VHS Research Project Data
Multimedia Computing Research Lab at Binghamton University

      This page contains code and data resources for the Vestal High School Resarch project.

Source Code:

      The following are compressed archives of the project source code.

  • QTWalk - GUI front end for the walktrap algorithm using the QT framework. Contains source files and MS Visual Studio project files.
  • Converter - Converter tool used to generate the VHSdata sets from the raw data collected from Vestal High School students.

Data Sets:

      The following data sets are based on a survey of juniors conducted at Vestal High School. The survey collected data on what classes each student is currently taking.

  • VHSdata - This data set connects students based on the number of classes they have in common. No name file is available because the survey was anonymous.
  • VHSdata2 - This data set connects courses based on the number of common students enrolled in each course. A namefile is availible to identify each course.

      These data sets have been converted for use with the Walktrap algorithm. Each is available as a zip file containing the net original gml file, the Walktrap net file, and the Walktrap name file if possible. The original data sets were compiled by Mark Newman, additional data sets and information are available on his webpage.