Possible Intel Bug in Micro-op Related Performance Monitoring Events for Ring-0

Intel provides a bunch of (non-architectural) performance monitoring events to count uops. I have been trying to use the ones related to cache behaviour of loads in a loadable kernel module. The odd thing is, even though the LKM is operating on ring-0, the performance monitoring events that I program to count ring-0 events are not working when it comes to uop related events. Switching to user level, however, gives (somewhat) meaningful data. I am convinced that it might be a possible bug in Sandy Bridge processors.

The following should work, but it does not. All it reads from PMC0 is 0.

; write 0 to PMC0
xor %edx, %edx
xor %eax, %eax
mov $0xC1, %ecx

; 0x4----- means enable counting for PMC0
; 0x-2---- means ring-0
; 0x--81-- is the umask value
; 0x----D0 is the event number
mov $0x4281D0, %eax
mov $0x186, %ecx

; do a bunch of loads here

; read PMC0 into %edx:%eax
xor %ecx, %ecx

If the value written to the PERFEVTSEL0 is changed to 0x4181D0, then the results become non-zero.

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March, 2014.