Webscalers: A Metasearch Engine Technology Company

Webscalers, LLC., was founded by four faculty from three universities (Weiyi Meng from Binghamton University, Clement Yu from University of Illinois at Chicago, Vijay Raghavan and Zonghuan Wu of University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in December 2002.

The goal of Webscalers is to develop new Web search technologies that can accurately search the content of the entire Web with ease. The Web is estimated to contain more than 500 billion pages and more than 95% of them are believed to be in the deep Web - the portion of the Web popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo are not designed to search. These Web contents can be accessed through over 1 million special search interfaces on the Web. At present, Webscalers is focused on developing large scale metasearch engines that can effectively utilize these special search interfaces to perform search. In essence, a large scale metasearch engine is a two-level search system. For a given user query, the search engines that are most likely to provide useful results are first identified, then the best results from these search engines are gathered for the user query. While the basic concept of metasearch engine has been around for about 10 years, Webscalers has developed the most scalable and automated technologies to build and maintain metasearch engines.

In August 2007, Webscalers launched a news metasearch engine AllInOneNews. By connecting to 1,800 news search engines from 200 countries, AllInOneNews is the largest metasearch engine in the world today. Webscalers has also developed a prototype customized metasearch engine generator MySearchView , which allows users to create customized metasearch engines automatically. MySearchView is expected to be launch in 2008. Weiyi Meng is the President of Webscalers. He and his team/collaborators have published over 50 papers in metasearch technology (for more details, please see http://www.cs.binghamton.edu/~meng/metasearch.html) and http://www.cs.binghamton.edu/~meng/DMSE.html) .

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