Students Supervised

PhD Dissertations Supervised

  1. SCOPE: A Browsing System for Exploring Large Databases Using Dynamic Abstraction. Inje Kim, 1996. (co-advisor with Sudhir Aggarwal)
  2. View Materialization and Maintenance in a Multidatabase Environment. Rongquen Chen, 1997.
  3. Automatic Discovery and Selection of Text Sources on the Web, Towards Building a Very Large-Scale and Effective Metasearch Engine - WebScales. Zonghuan Wu, 2002.
  4. Raw Relation Sets, Order Fusion and Top-N Query Problem. Yuxi Chen, 2002.
  5. Towards Automatic Understanding and Integration of Web Databases for Developing Large-Scale Unified Access Systems. Hai He, Spring 2005.
  6. Automatic Wrapper Generation for the Extraction of Data Records from Search Engine Result Pages. Hongkun Zhao, Fall 2007.
  7. Automatic Search Interface Clustering and Search Result Processing in Metasearch Engine. Yiyao Lu, Fall 2011.
  8. Entity Resolution in Structured Records with Machine Learning Methods. Liangcai Shu, Spring 2012.
  9. Categorization and Diversification of Search Results based on Semantic and Usage Similarity. Reza T. Hemayati, Fall 2012.
  10. Truth Finding on the Web. Xian Li, Spring 2013.

Masters Theses/Projects Supervised

  1. Efficient Processing of Aggregate Functions in Multidatabase Systems. King-Lup Liu, Summer 1994
  2. Index Structures for Fuzzy Databases. Radha Ramnath, Summer 1995.
  3. Transformation of Relational Schema to Object-Oriented Schema in a Multidatabase System. Aqueo Kamada, Spring 1996. (co-advisor with Beatriz Daltrini in Brazil).
  4. Translation of Object-Oriented Queries to Relational Queries. Willy Chang, Summer 1996.
  5. Processing Joins between Documents in Single Collections. Chandrashekhar M. Veera, Spring 1997.
  6. WIRE - A WWW-based Information Retrieval and Extraction System. Fuyung Hung, Spring 1997 (co-advisor with Sudhir Aggarwal).
  7. A Study of the Usefulness of the Structure of HTML Documents on Retrieval Effectiveness. Yungming Shih, Summer 1997 (co-advisor with Michal Cutler).
  8. Query Processing in Object-Oriented Multidatabase Systems. Dharmesh K. Dadbhawala, Fall 1997.
  9. WebSSQL: A Similarity-based SQL for Searching the Web. Changqing Zhang, Fall 1998.
  10. MSQL - An SQL Extension for Massive Databases. Yuxi Chen, Spring 1999.
  11. Document Retrieval from Multiple Collections. Yun He, Spring 1999.
  12. Three-Tier Client/Server Based Uniform Access Tool for Multidatabase Systems. Amar Shah, Spring 1999.
  13. A New Study on Using HTML Structures to Improve Retrieval. Hongou Deng, Spring 1999.
  14. Web-Based Multidatabase Employee Information System. You Xu, Summer 1999.
  15. Design and Implementation of a Search Engine Analyzer. Ritu Juneja, Summer 1999.
  16. Implementation of Two Algorithms that Rank Web Pages Using the Link Information. Harmeet Sethi, Summer 1999.
  17. Multiple Online Book Stores, Rita Gera, Fall 1999.
  18. Concept Hierarchy Based Search Engine Categorization in a Metasearch Engine Environment, Wenxian Wang, Fall 1999.
  19. Using Link Structure to Improve the Result from Altavista. Zhanxiang Ruan, Fall 1999.
  20. Study and Implementation of Data Mining Algorithms. Vatsal Vaidya, Fall 1999.
  21. Document Indexing and Retrieval: Design and Implementation. Xiaoqi Xu, Fall 1999.
  22. Implementation of a Fuzzy Interface to a Relational Database Management System. Alok Mahesh, Spring 2000.
  23. User Profile Construction and Maintenance Based on Implicit User Feedback in a Search Engine Environment. Yinghua Huang, Spring 2000.
  24. Building a Computer Science Academic Metasearch Engine. Zhuogang Li, Summer 2000.
  25. Similarity Based Word Matching Using WordNet. Jiten Dedhia, Summer 2000.
  26. Search Engine Specialty Determination Based on the Open Directory Hierarchy. Hongyu Sun, Summer 2000.
  27. Determining Usefulness of a Database to Category Topics from a Category Hierarchy in a Metasearch Engine Environment. Iva Aleksova, Summer 2001.
  28. Design and Implementation of a Distributed Web Page Indexing Scheme for Search Engines. Xin Yu, Summer 2002.
  29. Form Label Extraction and Automatic Form Submission System. Jingzhou Hua, Summer 2002.
  30. Database Search based on Semantic Similarity Using WordNet. Hua Ma, Summer 2002.
  31. Combining Multiple Query Models to Improve Retrieve Effectiveness. Yunfang Zhang, Summer 2002.
  32. An HTML Parser in Java. Diane Murphy, Fall 2002.
  33. Study and Implementation of the Manifold System for Distributed Web Sources. Canying Ye, Fall 2002.
  34. Combined Content Based Image Retrieval. Xiaozhou Wei, Fall 2002.
  35. Color-Based Image Retrieval Using Text Retrieval Techniques. Zhen Hu, Spring 2003.
  36. Unsupervised and Supervised Classification of E-Commerce Search Engines. Qian Peng, Spring 2003.
  37. Improving Search Engine Retrieval Effectiveness Using Query Expansion and Result Re-ranking with User Profile. Nevidita Sampath, Spring 2003.
  38. Adding Top N Query Capability to Database Systems. Meijuan Ouyang, Summer 2003.
  39. Implementation of An E-textbook Search Tool. Yang Jiang, Summer 2003.
  40. Web Application with Database in Bioinformatics. Hongsheng Tang, Summer 2003.
  41. A Web-based Music Search System. Yiyao Lu, Summer 2003.
  42. A Medical/Health Metasearch Engine. Maochun Qin, Fall 2004.
  43. Investigating and Developing Techniques to Support Sound-based Value Matches in a Database Systems. Umesh Kalaspurkar, Fall 2004.
  44. Search Algorithms for Discovery of Web Services. Janette M. Hicks, Spring 2005 (with Madhusudhan Govindaraju).
  45. University Student Admission Making System Using Classification Mining. Dhiraj Lalwani, Summer 2005.
  46. Generating Relevant Terms for Concepts in a Concept Hierarchy. Jatin Sonavane, Fall 2005 (with Michal Cutler).
  47. Snippet Generation Algorithms: Design and Implementation. Minal Dharod, Spring 2006.
  48. Ethogram Catagorization based on Lexical Similarity. Ryan Farrell, Summer 2006 (with Anne Clark).
  49. Building a Comparison Shopping Website Using Metasearch Approach. Yicheng Doe, Spring 2007.
  50. WrapperMill - A Tool For Generating and Managing Wrappers for Search Engines. Wanjing Zhang, Spring 2007.
  51. Evaluation of Web-Based News Search Systems. Jing Qiu, Spring 2007.
  52. A Web Platform for Global Search Engine Encyclopedia. Vijay Rajput, Summer 2008.
  53. MP-SAIES - A Multi-Purpose Semi-Automatic Information Extraction System. Tao Zhang, Spring 2009.
  54. Finding and Evaluating Lexical Signature Queries for Web Pages. Shenglin Qiu, Spring 2009.
  55. An Operational Prototype of a Personal Citation Analyzer. Hao Zou, Fall 2009.
  56. Development of Ethogram Search Engine: Design and Implementation. Swapnil Patil, Summer 2010.
  57. ProductResearchGPS: Improving Consumer Research. Joshua Schell, Spring 2011.
  58. Personal Home Page Classifier. Robin Varghese, Spring 2011.
  59. Evaluating Different Query Generation Methods for Retrieving Truthful Data Units on Different Search Engines. Yadnesh D. Baviskar, Summer 2011.
  60. WT-verifier: Truthfulness Verification of Fact Statements on Wikipedia. Yang Liu, Spring 2012.
  61. Improving Web Search Resulrs by Considering Diversification, Intention and Similarity. Laleh Jafarian Dehkordi, Summer 2012.
  62. Construction of Approval and Disapproval Word Dictionaries. Yi Wang. Spring 2014.
  63. Answer-Pattern based Snippet Generation. Kimberly M. Low. Spring 2014.
  64. Enhancing NER Results with Ontologies. Ziya R. Bilgin, Summer 2015.
  65. Statement Relevance Determination Methodology Using Natural Language Parsing Techniques. Stanley Yan, Spring 2016.
  66. An NLP-based Method for Fact Statement Truthfulness Verification. Satadisha Saha Bhowmick, Summer 2016.
  67. Ranking Faculty based on Their Research Areas and Other Database Conditions. Shashank Ramgude, Fall 2016.
  68. Automatic Crawling of University Faculty Pages. Bhavika Manoj Bhanushali, Spring 2017.
  69. Development of SE-Pedia System. Ulugbek Ergashev, Spring 2019.
  70. An SRRs Wrapper for Search Engine Bing for Finding New Search Engines. Siyu Liu, Fall 2019.
  71. PTwiCS - Cloud-Native, Distributed, Multithreaded TwiCS. Nebi Mert Aydin, Spring 2020.

PhD Students Under Supervision

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