Information Truthfulness Analysis Project

Truthfulness Analysis of Web Information

Project Overview

More and more Web users depend on the Web to acquire information. Unfortunately, there is significant amount of untruthful information on the Web. Reasons for having untruthful information include unintended errors (e.g., typos) and intentionally-spread rumors for various improper purposes. The fact that the Web is an open forum where everyone can publish without prior review makes it easy for untruthful information to enter the Web. Effective methods are needed to distinguish truthful information from untruthful ones on the Web and to measure the trustworthiness of information on the Web.

This project aims to develop an effective and systematic method to tackle the above important issue by solving two related problems: the first is the statement truthfulness verification problem and the second is the document/website trustworthiness estimation problem. Given a fact statement (i.e., it tries to state a fact), the former is to determine whether or not the statement is truthful, and if it is not, find out the truthful statement(s) most relevant to the given statement. The latter is to estimate the trustworthiness of the information in a document or website based on a number of factors including the (in)consistency/correctness of data in the document/website.

Part of the project is being jointly carried out with Drs. Luna Dong, Kenneth Lyons, and Divesh Srivastava from AT&T Research.


The following people have participated/are participating in this project:

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