iPhone Application PreOpEval for preoperative evaluation and perioperative care of the non-cardiac surgery patient was designed and developed collaboratively between Dr. Joshua Steinberg at Wilson Family Practice Residency, and the Computer Science Dept. at Binghamton University.

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PreOp Eval organizes and presents much of the guidance that one needs in order to evaluate and prepare adult patients for non-cardiac surgery. It is based upon the guidelines on this topic from the American College of Cardiology & American Heart Association of 2007 and 2009, the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement of 2006, and the American College of Chest Physicians of 2008 (full references in the app). The app contains 1 algorithm and 3 resources: the cardiac evaluation algorithm, guidance on starting and stopping key medications in the perioperative period, guidance on timing of surgery after cardiac events, and guidance on preoperative testing.

The app addresses such common questions as:

This app is written and intended for practicing physicians like internists, family physicians, and hospitalists; for resident physician trainees; and for medical students. In addition to being a reference, the algorithm is written to be a teaching tool by not just delivering an answer, but instead walking a physician through the evaluation process so that one learns that process along the way. As an educator and clinician, I am interested in feedback and I would be grateful for guidance on improving the tool.

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Please contact Dr. Joshua Steinberg via email with your comments, questions and suggestions.