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New: Version 2.0 is now available

About M-Sim

M-Sim is a multi-threaded microarchitectural simulation environment with a detailed cycle-accurate model for the key pipeline structures. M-Sim is based on SimpleScalar 3.0d. At this point, only the Alpha AXP binaries are supported. M-Sim works on all computing platforms which support the original SimpleScalar.

M-Sim extends the SimpleScalar 3.0d in the following ways:

  • M-Sim includes cycle-accurate models for separate pipeline structures, such as the re-order buffer (ROB), issue queue, and separate integer and floating-point physical register files.
  • M-Sim explicitly models register renaming and the associated rename tables.
  • M-Sim supports single threaded execution (superscalar mode) as well as the multithreded mode in which multiple threads of control are executed simultaneously, according to the Simultaneous Multithreaded (SMT) model. In the SMT mode, some processor structures (i.e. issue queue, physical register files, execution units, caches) are shared among the threads, and others (rename tables, ROBs, load/store queues) are private to each thread. For more details of the SMT model, please see the M-Sim User’s Manual.

NEW: M-Sim Version 2.0 is now available

Version 2.0 is the second public release of the M-Sim simulation environment. M-Sim was developed by the Computer Architecture and Power Aware Systems Research Group at SUNY Binghamton.

New in Version 2.0:

  • Speculative scheduling based on load-latency prediction including the squash recovery model used by the Alpha 21264 processor.
  • More configurable front-end pipeline with separate stages for rename and dispatch.
  • More detailed simulation of the issue to execute pipeline.



Last Updated: January 9, 2006